nadja_33: (Seeker of Truth & Wisdom)
2008-05-07 02:08 pm

Images: propaganda vs. slice of life

I am not one for propaganda. I think that the truth stands on its own and if we can try our hardest to uncover the real facts of any situation, I believe that every human being will come to the truth that exists within their hearts. 

I went to the following site because I am doing some personal research on Iran and Persian History & Culture.

I really like the presentation on their home page. Good Old Cat Stevens. :-)  I love to see footage of the every day life of people around the world. It is one of the reasons that I want to travel so much. To see with my own eyes the slices of life of my fellow human beans.  While I enjoy foreign films, I don't want to base my ideas of how people live off of them, like hollywoodized versions of the United States. There is so much beautiful life out there.  For the cynics....yes there is also so much horrible violence out there.  I realize that for every rich-life-filled image on this presentation, that there is another image of the face of war and brutality. From our side, their side..I don't even know who side I am on. I don't want to be on a side.  I am on no side. I am on the side of the living beings who wish to enrich their lives and the lives of those around them.

I get these silly email forwards sent to me with photos of American soldiers over in the Middle East, cradling Iraqi babies, or helping old veiled ladies across the street. It's propaganda and I don't like it! I do, however, believe that people need to see the human face of war. Because we forget when all we hear our numbers and statistics and most of us would just as soon tune it out and get on with our personal struggles.  But don't send these to me hoping to elicit support for the war, because you won't get it. If anything, I see these human faces and want them to come home!  I see the faces of the people of Iran in that presentation and I want peace for them so much!  I think the area of the Middle East that breaks my heart the most is Israel/Palestine, but these images of that area that are in my head are those  of bomb explosions and bloody people being carried through the streets...and I don't have enough slice of life images to help balance what is really going on.  I didn't mean to go on a little rant about this, but I am glad that my heart quakes with emotion about these issues. We are one world. We are one family. These are not just new age catch phrases to me.  As part of my own personal Great Work, there is global work, and I want to continue to support awareness and peace.