To the Magicians on my friends list, or anyone interested in energy clearing. Have you cleared your personal space recently?  Sometimes I need a reminder to do this, as I am not as disciplined with it as I used to be. My New Years goal is to become more proficient again with my regular energy sweeps.

I was talking with a friend about general banishing/protection and clearing of ones energy field. I really love the LBRP for how quick, simple and powerful it can be.  Another one of my favorites is chanting the Hebrew phrase:

"Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh. Adonai. Tsebayoth!"  (caw-dosh...add-oh-nigh.....sab-eye-yoth)

I think that the New Year is a perfect time to cleanse and clear our energies so that we have more power and clarity to start our year. Whenever I have used the chant above I am filled with so much strength and I can really feel the space around me cleansed and revitalize. 


Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh Adonai Tsebayoth  from the book "Keys of Enoch" 

I first learned this chant about 16 years ago.  My spiritual teacher taught it to me with the instruction, if you ever are fearful of the beings you see, or encounter just recite this chant.  If they are not of the light, they cannot stay.  Later, I hear a musical version of it. 

1.    I now know it “clears” all the fields in the body and bridges us to all other dimensions. 

2.    It is extremely powerful. 

3.    This mantra activates the holy grids in our bodies.

4.    It is a bridge from 3D to all other dimensions

5.    Immersed in the chant, we become one heart.

Notes: Even though this website might appear as your garden variety lightworker page, this is a very old and powerful magickal chant. I also prefer the spoken/sung version of this chant in your own natural voice...but that website has an audio sample.


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