Hi there. I am in Yeppoon Australia, which is near the Gold Coast and there is a big fat cyclone heading our way. Well.....maybe not THAT big....but still it is nice to see the waves so rough and the wind blowing. I am a strange bird and actually like the stormy weather in this quaint little resort town. 

[profile] vega_33 and I are with his folks at this cute resort to celebrate our Christmas Holiday. We saw this goth van earlier and were comforted to know that some of our people may actually be residing here. 


I miss the internet. I will admit it. :-D  I have been longing to read about the happenings of all my lovely friends during their holiday seasons. I only have about 3 minutes left to blog this on the hotel computers so I will have to catch up later.

Vega and I are smashingly buzzed on delicious red wine at the present. Getting ready to consume mass quantities of yummy food in the restaurant. The trip has been really good so far. I got to hear all these fun stories about him as a child from his family, AND see Photos TOO!!! :-D  I am sure the gift will be returned to him when he spends more time with my family next year.  Ahhhh so many upcoming plans in the new year. I am really excited about 2008. 

Shyte....the 2 minute warning has just beeped. Well....more later with photos from all of this overseas frolicking. I wish you all a wonderful festive new years celebration. Hugs and Kisses!!

Yes, when I am buzzed on wine I get all cuddley....as some of you may well remember.

Love to all from down under. And yes I did see some kangaroos out here. :-D




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