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Um, not to quibble but video makes it seem like it's a music vid'

You might want to edit it and say movie or film instead. Otherwise someone might see the link and think it's a forty minute music video of all the slashy moments between Aragorn and Legolas. :)

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Good point! Changed title.

Aragorn/Legolas =eww. I think if I were to pick a Legolas slash it would have to be with Boromir. For some reason he and Aragorn just don't work for me.

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Okay, I was joking before but now I have to know. Why exactly would you ship Boromir/Legolas?

I don't know if I can see Legolas/Borormir. I don't know if I can see Boromir with anyone really. Legolas however, I see him with practically everybody.

Personally my favorite LOTR ship is Sauron/ring. You might not know this, but LOTR is really a tragic(in the most Shakespearean sense of the word) love story about two soul mates who get separated and try to find their way back to each other but are thwarted by outside forces. Damn hobbitses.

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Sauron/ring is definitely one true pair worthy.

I think my favorite part of THFG was the gurgling sounds that the dying Orc made. I am glad that the creators didn't skimp on the gore element.

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Oh me too. Gore= good. And yeah, the gurgling, oh the gurgling!

We loves Orcs's we do.



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