Happy Earth Day!  Guess what?  We are killing our planet. 

Paper or Plastic?  Well, reusable hemp bags ideally, or canvas, etc.

This is a turtle who, as a baby, was caught in a plastic band from ocean trash. 
  • There our trash islands located in every ocean on our planet.
  • The one in the Pacific between California and Japan is so large it is twice the size of the state of Texas! 
  • Most of the trash is plastic. 
  • San Francisco just became the first major U.S. city to ban the use of plastic bags in major grocers/drugstores. :-D!
SFgate Article on the banning of plastic bags.

See it for yourself. Oprah's Earth Day show on the trash islands

Additional Link
I am not the best example out there. I have my share of bad habits that I need to change, but I saw this photo of a turtle and other marine life that has been killed or deformed by our collective bad habits. My heart cries, my eyes teared up. I know this is going on, but I allow myself to forget, to get into those bad habits again.
Please Gaia!  Don't let me forget. I offered my service to this planet a long time ago, and I intend to keep it. I need to do more.

From: [identity profile] zarabold.livejournal.com

Planet Earth

I think human beings are simply isane and we do not know what we are doing????????
We simply are out of control and not good stewards of aything.....and we are caught in it......
It is so hard now with everything in plastic -plastic bags -plastic drink cotainer -plastic plastic.....I have tried my darndest to get away from plastic and still there is plastic everywhere.......so sad.......but if it isn't plastic it is a thousand other things....did you see the article on tons of phamasueticals being dumped into our water supply.

I just don't get it...oh yeah making the big bucks....!!!!!

I have lived in Santa Cruz for many years now and when I first came here and for many years after that no one littered on the beaches...today I can go down to just te little beach at the end of my block and fill up several bags with trash including glass.......I never have seen so many dead seals and sea birds either.

From: [identity profile] espiritkat.livejournal.com

Re: Planet Earth

I know! It got to me too! After just swimming with them in Hawaii and feeling connected to Turtle medicine, when I saw that I cried. It's horrible!

From: [identity profile] espiritkat.livejournal.com

Re: Planet Earth

That is very sad to hear about the trash on Santa Cruz beaches getting worse. The consciousness needs to be raised NOW in so many people. The place that I used to work has a smoking section with an ashtray provided. There were so many times that I watched people drop their butts right on the ground when they were a mere 2 feet away from the ashtray. I don't get this at all! I would comment to the person, "The ashtray is right there! Why don't you pick it up and quit littering the ground?" They just blinked at me as if I were speaking Russian to them.

Stewards indeed. What is it going to take for people to get the knowledge that a lot of us have. Our planet is precious! We don't have a backup plan, at least for our civilization, this is it. The planet can flood its surface with liquid fire and destroy the things we have created, dissolving all matter back to its original elemental config. Yet our civilization is poised so delicately on the precipice, and so many people don't even know it, don't care. How can we raise the consciousness? I suppose if the information keeps showing up, keeps reminding all of us to become stewards...shurg. I feel cynical this morning.

From: [identity profile] zarabold.livejournal.com

Re: Planet Earth

A old Sufi saying....The Best Horse does not shit in it's own watering hole!
In reference to Arabian howrses that do not shit near their food or water...Smater than us apparently.
I think getting rid of dumping chemicals and plastics is our first pirority and an easy thing is to clean the beaches and to go out there and do it wen the tourists are there.

From: [identity profile] zarabold.livejournal.com


Did you know that computers are one of the biggest poluntents to the environment-but ou hardly ever see anything about it.

From: [identity profile] espiritkat.livejournal.com

Re: computers

Yes, our technology needs to take our ecology into effect for sure.

I just saw this website from Matt though, which makes me happy.

Its not about computer clean up, alas, but a crew from SF going out to survey and start to try and clean up the trash island in the Pacific. It sure sounds like a lot of people on the west coast are stepping up as stewards of our planet. It is a nice trend to hear about.


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