From time to time I get these hair brained ideas for inventions.

I want someone to invent this for me.

'A pocket dictionary pen.'

This is for when I am reading and I come across a word that I want to look up in the dictionary, but don't want to have to run to look it up all the time. Especially useful when reading books where I need to look up a lot of words.

It would be like a highlighter pen where you run the pen across the word, except  it would have a scanner device built into it.  You press down as you sweep across the word and the light comes on and it scans the word into its little computer, and then looks up the definition from its dictionary database, and reads you the definition outloud in a computerized voice.

It could be worked into combination as a bookmark as well. This way it is right there to use at your fingertips.

So come on electronic geeks out there, go make this for me.....get rich and then remember me when the money starts rolling in. At the very least I want a lifetime supply of dictionary pens. 

When I was a kid my best friend and I came up with good ideas all the time. We wanted some company to hire us to sit in a think box and come up with ideas for them.  A think box where we had snacks and all the luxuries we could want, and only had to work for 4 hours a day, yet get paid obnoxiously for it.  hee hee.  Consequently, I still want this.  Think Box Head Hunters.......*points to self*  Im ya girl. Yep. Right here. Mee.


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